General topics

Who put the first self propelled vehicle on the moon?

  • How many miles per hour is one knot?

  • In which year was the Nobel Prize instituted and which country awards it?

  • What is the study of earthquakes called?

  • What is the approximate distance of moon from the earth?

  • Which is the largest dome in the world?

  • Which planet is farthest away from the sun?

  • How long is the Great Wall of China?

  • Who is the religious head of the English church?

  • Which was the first country to use paper?

  • Where is the headquarters of the International Red Cross Society?

  • Name the sculptor who created "The Thinker".

  • Which is the oldest known formally written language?

  • Which planet has the longest day?

  • How did the month of January get its name?

  • Who founded the Red Cross in 1864?

  • What does the phrase 'ipso facto' mean?

  • What is a platoon?

  • What is a whiteout?

  • Which alphabet do the Russians use?

  • Who is known as the Holy Pontiff?

  • What is the name of the deepest known spot in the ocean?

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